Voting Rights for Returning Citizens

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League of Women Voters of Florida

Public Wise is matching donations up to $25,000 to The League of Women Voters of Florida for their work to support Returning Citizens (ex-felons) and their commitment to connect ex-felons with ongoing pro-bono legal services if their right to vote is challenged.

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Florida and the ACLU have been collecting data on ex-felons and are discovering there is a large number who don’t owe any money at all. Because of fear and misinformation campaigns, many of these people assume they owe money and plan not to vote. Many have never voted in an election before. 

The LVW have identified 70,000 potential individuals for outreach. We must act fast. The deadline to register to vote in Florida is October 5th.

Your donation supports the statewide campaign to reach these eligible voters, explain their eligibility, guide them through the voter registration process and help them create their voting plan. Since our organization is matching donations up to $25,000, any single donation amount will have double the impact. 

If you would like to donate to this effort, click here.
All funds raised are tax-deductible.