Welcome our New Research Director

Our team is excited to welcome our Director of Research, Dr. Jessica (Jessie) Kalbfeld to conduct all research going forward at Public Wise. Her research interests include race and inequality, neighborhood change and social control.

Jessie holds a doctorate in sociology from New York University and was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and an inaugural NYU Furman Law Fellow at NYU Law School during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Some of her recent research projects include an investigation of court reporter mis-transcription of African American English, coauthored with an interdisciplinary team, which was published in Language; an interrogation of critical mass as it relates to Affirmative Action published in the Law & Society Review; and an analysis of complaints made against police in Chicago, co-authored with Jacob Faber published in City & Community. Her dissertation research focused on the impact of racial and socioeconomic neighborhood change on social control in New York City.  Her recent research on court reporters has been covered by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the New York Times, NPR, Vice News Tonight, Vice Media, Daily KOS, and more.

‘Testifying While Black’ in an American Courtroom Can Cost You

If court reporters or jurors can’t comprehend what Black people are saying in court, these citizens can get screwed.

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