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New Voter ID Laws May Stop Millions From Participating in 2024 Election, UMD-Led Survey Finds

03.26.2024 By Rachael Grahame

A wave of state voter-identification laws threatens to prevent a massive number of Americans from casting their ballot in the 2024 presidential election, according to a recent University of Maryland-led survey.

The first public survey in nearly 20 years to focus on who has and doesn’t have various types of government-issued photo IDs found that 20.76 million Americans of voting age (18 and up) lack a current driver’s license, and 28.6 million have one that doesn’t list both their current address and current name.

UMD’s Center for Democracy and Civic Engagement (CDCE), in collaboration with VoteRiders, Public Wise and the Brennan Center for Justice, reported that more than one in 10 Black (18%), Hispanic (15%) and Asian/Pacific Islander (13%) respondents were among those who said that they didn’t have a driver’s license, a reality for just 5% of white respondents.