Party at the Mailbox Update

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Public Wise is on the steering committee for Party at the Mailbox, a campaign by Black Girls Vote. Yesterday alone, over 2000 boxes were requested!

We want to help keep the momentum going. If you live in Detroit, Philadelphia, or Baltimore request a box and share this information with your networks.

Party at the Mailbox

Party at the Mailbox is all about building community and celebrating democracy. We’re so excited to bring the party to these three cities this election season. 

Also don’t miss Black Girls Vote Founder, Nykidra Robinson’s cameo on the Real Housewives of the Potomac and coverage in the Baltimore Sun.

Black Girls Vote is a nonpartisan organization designed to represent the concerns and interests of Black women. They are not affiliated with any political party. They are invested in ensuring Black women are empowered to advance education, economic development, quality health care, and improve outcomes.

Learn more about Black Girls Vote.