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The Public Wise Research & Education Fund conducts nonpartisan, nonprofit, polling and research to fill the gaps in voter and voting rights research to complement ongoing studies being conducted by others in the field.

Corroding Democracy and the Roe Rollback: How Geographic Disparities in Representation Shape US Policy Outcomes


Democracy on the Ballot: Voters’ intentions and actions in battleground states in the midterm elections

AccountabilityJanuary 6th

News Sources and Views on January 6th: Media Consumption in Six Battleground States

Public Wise Research report on news sources and views on January 6th in six battleground states.
AccountabilityJanuary 6th

The Problem of Polling

Public Wise's Director of Research takes an in-depth look at polling, how they work, how they can be wrong, and how they are misused.
Research MethodologyMethods

Polling, simplified: What to keep in mind when reading election polls

Public Wise Research breaks down what you need to know when reading an election poll.

Where do voters in battleground states get their news?


Battleground State Voters’ Reactions to January 6th Hearings

AccountabilityJanuary 6th

January 6th Survey Dropouts

Public Wise investigates who dropped out of the January 6th Accountability Survey and discusses why missing data should be treated as data rather than discarded.
Research MethodologyJanuary 6th

Anti-Establishment Views and January 6th

AccountabilityJanuary 6th

Ethnonationalism and January 6th

Public Wise investigates the relationship between ethnonationalism and opinions on accountability for January 6th.
AccountabilityJanuary 6th