Demo of Insurrection Index Shared at Netroots 2021

Public Wise is building a publicly accessible online database of individuals and organizations involved in the deadly riot and insurrection at our nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021. The violent attacks on that day not only targeted members of Congress, but were a vile attempt to silence the voices of all American voters. 

Public Wise brings together key partner organizations who are investigating involvement in the insurrection of elected and public officials, police and military personnel, and those who receive their salaries from taxpayer dollars to ensure long term accountability for their actions. 

The findings by these organizations will be publicly available on our database, which were discussed during a panel at Netroots Nation 2021. The demo version of Insurrection Index was previewed to attendees of the January 6th: Tracing the Traitors panel.

The Insurrection Index is a non-partisan effort, focused on keeping folks who want to silence the voice of voters out of office.

Netroots Nation attendees are encouraged to explore the site and reach out with questions and feedback at

“The same misinformation and conspiracy theories that encouraged January 6 are now being used to suppress voters nationwide. We are living that history. We haven’t seen yet how January 6th ends. We must ensure the END, not a continuation.”

– Marc Elias, Democracy Docket

“Access to politics should not be a partisan issue. Accessible voting is a constitutional right and democracy itself is becoming a partisan issue, which is extremely dangerous. What we saw on January 6th was a shocking amount of people willing to commit to violence because they didn’t like the outcome… these audits and investigations are investments in authoritarianism that need to be pushed back on.”

Austin Evers, American Oversight

“We’ve been watching the right completely gaslight the public about what happened on January 6th. Nine months later, we’re still demanding accountability for the actors involved.”

– Julie Millican, Media Matters