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Biden Pushed to Speak out More as US Democracy Concerns Grow


Executive Director Christina Baal-Owens was quoted and this was picked up widely, including Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, and Albany Times Union! The article also quotes Rep. Peter Welch.

“The insurrection was part of a larger movement to suppress elections and overthrow our democracy,” said Christina Baal-Owens, a longtime organizer and the executive director of Public Wise, a group that researches and publishes information on candidates running for office who support the election lies.

Baal-Owens said efforts to discredit election integrity not only galvanize Trump supporters, they also make other voters less likely to vote. “We know — we’ve done some research on trust in the system — if voters don’t trust elections, they may not vote. This is part of a larger movement of voter suppression and why it’s so necessary for Biden to speak out.”