Democracy is in crisis.

We need leadership in place to protect democracy in the long term.

Our Candidates

The inaugural set of Public Wise endorsements include six candidates across the country with the potential to have an outsized role in 2024. To help shape the future, we have to act now.

Seeking Democratic nomination for
Arizona Secretary of State

Democratic nominee for
Ohio’s 9th Congressional District

Seeking Democratic nomination for
Georgia Secretary of State

Democratic nominee for
Pennsylvania Governor

Seeking Democratic nomination for
Michigan Secretary of State

Democratic nominee for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 49

Our Approach

Public Wise approached the endorsement process by first assessing where there is potential for a fractious presidential election certification process in 2024, especially where that fractiousness has the potential to evolve into a constitutional crisis.

We then narrowed further to states with races in 2022 where the winning candidate will have an outsized role in determining how the 2024 election proceeds. Along a distinct but related line of political concern, we looked for geographically contained legislative races where a clear champion of democracy is facing off against an insurrectionist in a likely close race.

Finally, we looked at states in which we already work and where there is a specific opportunity to increase elected representation among and for people of color at the state legislative level.

To assess the candidates we looked at national and state legislation, statements in the public record and voting history, when applicable. We also spoke with partners in these respective states and obtained key information about the candidates’ nuances and relationships with grassroots organizations.