StatementJanuary 6

Public Wise Calls for Accountability Ahead of ‘Justice for January 6’ Rally


Addie Bullock

Christopher Huntley


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ahead of tomorrow’s ‘Justice for January 6’ rally at the Capitol, Public Wise — an organization committed to fighting for a multiracial democracy that reflects the will and protects the rights of the people — released the following statement:

“Our nation’s Capitol is preparing for thousands of far right extremists, including the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, to return to the Capitol Building to demand “justice” for the hundreds of people being held accountable and incarcerated for their participation on January 6th. In the months after the insurrection, we have seen former President Trump, current members of Congress and elected officials at all levels of our government continue to lie about January 6th and falsely claim that the insurrection participants should not answer for their violent actions. January 6th participants continue to be guided by dangerous ideologies that violate the very fundamentals of our democracy, including lies that established enslavement, advocated for Jim Crow and segregation and allowed Confederate flags to fly in Congress in 2021. Americans remain united in our horror over the treason committed by militants on 1/6 and call for justice to be delivered to the traitors that attacked the foundation of our democracy and murdered, terrorized and injured hundreds of Americans. We condemn this behavior and this rally, and continue to actively work towards accountability from all participants, particularly the elected officials who participated in the insurrection and continue to spread misinformation,” said Christina Baal-Owens, executive director of Public Wise.