Meet Our Team

Public Wise brings together an experienced group of individuals from the public sector, research and organizing.

Emilomo Mwendapole

Senior Content and Brand Manager

Emi Mwendapole joined Public Wise in January 2021 as Partnerships Manager to support grants and donor engagement. With a background in digital strategy and political endorsements through her previous role at One Vote At a Time, she came to Public Wise with a desire to help BIPOC-led organizations gain uncomplicated access to much-needed resources and funding.

Emi has a pretty non-linear path. She is an alumna of Digital Undivided, a startup incubator championing access to venture capital for Black and Latinx women founders. She lived and worked in South Korea for a number of years where she modeled and created a beauty start-up.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Emory University and has been featured in Okay Africa, Vogue Korea, and USA Today. In her spare time you can find her working on her business and her art practice where she explores personal power, systematic identity, and world-building.