Trump’s indictment is key step towards accountability, but he must answer for role in January 6 and ongoing attacks against democracy


MEDIA CONTACT: Addie Bullock,

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Public Wise, an organization committed to fighting for a multiracial democracy that reflects the will and protects the rights of the people, released the following statement on today’s federal indictment of former President Trump on 37 criminal counts: 

“We applaud Special Prosecutor Jack Smith and his team at the Department of Justice for their tireless efforts to hold former President Trump accountable for his actions, including knowingly violating the Espionage Act and lying to the FBI. 

“No one is above the law – especially not a former president of the United States. It’s tempting to believe that holding former President Trump accountable for his many crimes, including inciting a violent insurrection in an attempt to overthrow a free and fair election, will return our country to our democratic norms. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump was just the beginning. Election deniers are running for public office at every level of government, and we have other Republican presidential candidates running campaigns dedicated to attacking our fundamental freedoms.

“Trump and the Republican Party’s claim that holding former President Trump accountable is an attempt to “steal” an election is laughable, untrue and anti-democratic. Trump continues to enlist the Republican establishment in undermining and attacking our democratic institutions. The Republican party is not the party of law and order. It’s a party of election denial, power grabs, white supremacy and racism, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their grip on power. 

“While these charges are a key step towards holding Trump responsible for his crimes against the American people, he must answer for his role in inciting a deadly insurrection on January 6 and attempting to overthrow a free and fair election. Our democracy is under attack, and former President Trump opened the floodgates on January 6. He must answer for his crimes,” said Christina Baal-Owens , executive director of Public Wise and the Insurrection Index. 

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