Recap2022 Midterms

Antisemitism Ahead of November Elections

10.27.2022 Katelyn Israelski, Chief of Staff

History shows us violent, antisemitic rhetoric leads down a dangerous path. Comments by Ye, Trump, & others with large platforms are fuel for fascists & white extremists. Our leadership team at Public Wise believes we must learn from history and make meaningful progress for future generations.

White supremacism and antisemitism were on full display at our Capitol on January 6th and they are threats we must fight back against to protect our free, multiracial democracy against white nationalists, Nazis, and other alt-right extremists.

We do this work each day to call out bigotry and racism when we see it. In less than 2 weeks, there is an opportunity to keep those who promote these dangerous ideologies out of office. 

The Insurrection Index is a database that is working to keep these extremists out of office. 

Check if there are extremist candidates on your ballot

We will soon release more info on the prevalence of antisemitism & ethnonationalism from our findings in our most recent research on battleground states voters’ reactions to the January 6th Committee findings. You can read the full battleground poll here.

An upcoming report will show evidence that racist, nationalist, antisemitic ideas are reaching a broader public audience, which history has shown is a dangerous path.

Finally, for more information on how antisemitism is core to white nationalism, we recommend this piece by Political Research Associates and Eric K. Ward.