Public Wise
Research Philosophy

Evidence Matters

While we bring our collective experience into this work, we believe having data to back up our actions is important. Our original research complements ongoing studies being conducted by others in the field. Data informs our strategies and policy positions to ensure they align with our organizational mission.

Areas of Research


The fear of voter fraud has been a regular topic in our recent national narrative. It dominated political discussion following the last presidential election.


Public Wise conducted a series of non-voter focus groups after the 2020 election cycle in our four priority states: Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.


Public Wise conducted a study to understand the relationship between voting laws and voter turnout.


Youth Vote GOTV Report

Despite what was considered record turnout in the 2020 presidential election, a third of the voting age population did not participate. Youth turnout was higher in 2020 than in 2016, but…

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The Unheard Third

Why voting-eligible citizens sat out the 2020 election Relative to previous elections in the United States, turnout soared in 2020. Yet, despite this record high turnout, nearly a third of the…

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Intangible Barriers to Voting

In our previous post, we discussed the different structural and social barriers that keep some eligible voters from casting their ballots. However, those barriers aren’t the only thing that keep people…

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